UPDATE: Brian Tadiwanashe Nyanga aka QUE a member of JIBILIKA is on a two months creative exchange in GERMANY// The Ngoma NeHosho _ Culture Clash project of @que__zw Que, a fashion-designer from Harare, (Zimbabwe) and Maya Trampler a DJ from Flensburg almost collapsed due to the Corona-developments. But all people involved put their digital minds together and developed streaming and video-project for the originally planned performative fashion show, which was then pre-recorded and streamed on facebook from NORDER147 Facebook page.

Since the beginning of February the multidisciplinary artists’ group around Que works together. They target origin, identity, consumer behaviors, sustainability, cultural differences. In February Plot Mhako had an interview on Radio Fratz with Que and Butterkup a young fashion designer and environmental activist from Flensburg.
The project was made possible with the financial support of the City of Flensburg, support fro@ NORDER147, KUENDA PRODUCTION and with the logistic and artistic support of the Aktivitetshuset.
@que__zw @norder147 @ma.ya______

[NgoMa nehosho]
is our life style ,
is our music our sound
, is our Fabric our Fashion
,is our body movement,
Is our poetry,
Is our struggle as street kids ,opharns etc
Is the pain in our hearts
It’s betrayal we face from the ones who we love the most
Ngoma nehosho is the vibe that we Dance to when we feeling low
Ngoma nehosho is the sound That we listen to so that we have hope n motivation to push through the thorns
Ngoma nehosho is how we are raised in different backgrounds and who we become after
NgoMa nehosho is our hope,our, light , our motivation
Ngoma nehosho is what definites you n me as black people and where we coming from and where we heading to
Ngoma nehosho is what makes us us

Maya Trampler (Musik, Fashion, Projektleitung)
Que (Fashion, Musik, Projektleitung)
Butterkup (Fashion, Musik, Model)
Jessica Gonsen (Fashion)
Leander Seekings (Musik, Musikproduktion, Model)
Wais Labi (Choreografie)
Lukas Haak (Videoproduktion, Visuals)
Yessin (Tanz, Performance)
Jomkwan Supoken (Model)
Frida Klee (Model)
Plot Mhako, Cindy Jänicke (KUENDAproductions: Produktionsleitung, Graphics)

Ngoma ne Hosho _ Que fashion

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