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Yet another EXCITING NEWS //
Wayne Klinkenberg aka Wayne Gecko / Wayne who is representing Skate Zimbabwe at the Speed SADC Competition leaves today for Angola. // He will be taking part in a three day competition from the 14th to the 16th of Feb // Dreams on wheels

“I’m looking forward to the trip, to skate with 7 different skate communities represented by their skater, having an absolutely rad time and just spending time with a good bunch who have the same thing in mind. Skate culture and just love for the habit. I’m hoping to at least learn a bunch and have a good time at an actual skate park(we don’t have anyyyyyyy) but if I can do one better, I’ll win the thing, haha” Wayne Klinkenberg

This competition will put Zimbabwe at large on a platform to do more as this is only a start for Skate Zimbabwe. More tours seem to be coming up.
Help us support Wayne as he leaves today for the SPEED SADC COMPETITION
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