Celebrating the birthday of the brain behind the Jibilika “Spotlight” articles.
By Jibilika Team

Tafadzwa Gambiza is Jibilika’s very own social media marketer and graphic designer.
He started the Spotlight issue to highlight the work and creativity of the young and talented, and provide a digital platform to allow creatives to exchange tips and lessons.

Tafadzwa Gambiza

“I started because had seen that most of the young creatives were not being celebrated and being noticed and appreciated for their craft. Especially dancers. It’s a platform where another creative can learn from another because they specialize in different fields but have a common goal.”

He is currently working towards a degree in Business Intelligence, and holds qualifications in Management Information Systems, Digital Marketing, and Social Media Marketing. He has largely contributed to the Skate Zimbabwe project since its inception playing roles of social media management and coordinating skateboarding sessions in Mbare.

Tafadzwa Gambiza

Tafadzwa was born and raised in Harare, and he has a passion for graffiti art and photography.

Happy Birthday champ. Cheers to more youthful years!!!

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