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[ Where are the Bboys and Bgirls ? ]

Slyvester Shonhiwa

This is Sylvester Shonhiwa, also known as Bboy Sly . He started dancing at the age of 8 and has been dancing professionally for the past 7 years.

His First dance crew was the 2013 Zimhiphop award winning dance crew, Hood crankers. Prior to that the crew had participated in several dance events and competitions including the JIBILIKA High School Festival , Jibilika Dance Festival, Battle of the Year (BOTY) Zimbabwe. Sly was instrumental in coordinating and facilitating Jibilika’s Award winning Step Up 2 HIV program in several schools and communities impacting thousands of young people.

Hood Crankers Dance Crew

He has performed at various events, including the 2013 Jika majika step ahead in #Southafrica. Performed at HIFA with Roki in 2012. He has performed at the Zimbabwe Music Awards – ZIMA with Amara Brown and Tytan in 2016.

Hood Crankers Dance Crew

Bboy Sly has featured on Ammara Brown and Tytan’s music video, #mukoko with Anti-gravity dance crew.

He is a passionate bboy. He is someone who has a tough background, someone who takes risks. ” I live for dance. Not as hobby but as something that i know can change my life for the better as it has totally changed me in a certain ways of doings things”.

Slyvester Shonhiwa teaching a Jibilika class in Highfield

Q :: How do you see the Bboy and B-girl scene in Zimbabwe.

A :: Well I think the Bboy and Bgirl scene its not really that powerful compared to other countries.It still needs to grow.

Q :: If Battle Of The Year comes back, do you see old crews reviving and new ones being created.

A :: Yes it will be a good advantage to the industry because we lacking exposure and competitions that’s why you see most crews dying.

Q :: Will BOTY Zim unite the industry again

A :: Indeed it will change a lot in the industry since Boty is one of the biggest recommended shows in the world for dancers.

Q :: Looking back the genre of bboying and Bgirling was dominated by males are there and bgirls left.

A :: I haven’t came across any bgirls lately “why?
Because girls never like to participate in the genre that much except for one or two.

Q :: Can the Genre be commercialized.

A :: Yes the genre it can be commercialized in order for people to take it more seriously.

Q :: We see bboys and bgirls at very few events. Is it that there aren’t any big events for this genre to be seen as a genre that will lift up the whole nation

A :: Like I said earlier on, I’m pretty sure the reason why most Bboys and Bgirls don’t show up, its because we don’t have Bboy events.
Bboys prefer competitions like Redbull BC one and other international platforms.

Q :: Are dance promoters doing enough for the industry.

A :: Ummm so far besides Jibilika i don’t think if they’re any other promoters so its still tight situation we need more promoters in the game.

Q :: Are dance schools doing enough for the industry

A :: I don’t think we have many dance schools expect for AfriKera Arts Trust. We need more dance schools.

Q :: Any last words

A :: For me, its not only about dance. Its about how to connect myself with pipo through the art that actually gives me a zeal. My word for you today is “love and never stop dancing despite the challenges”🌹

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