by Tafadzwa Gambiza


We managed to talk to Darrel “Dizzy” Granger recently, the following is the conversation between Tafadzwa (Q) and Dizzy (A)

Q :: I still want to figure out how dancers come up with their names lol ??

A :: Its more like a inner thing when it comes to dancers choosing they names and some choose they names in terms of how they dance style is brought out its just a variety of things

Q :: Today we speak with another member of Voltage Crew. Bulawayo is like a country inside Zimbabwe because of its strong stand in arts. Why ain’t we embracing our culture to the maximum ??

A :: like you said Bulawayo is like a country inside Zimbabwe because they have embraced they culture and support one another in terms of sponsorship , investments, encouraging to push ones passion so it makes it easier for people to embrace they culture to the maximum

Q :: We still wait for Other dancers from outside to tell us on how we should improve our dance industry. Why can’t we do this on our own, why wait on other people ??

A :: We can do it on our own if we are given the full platform to do soo but it is not always the case in our country so some end up seeking help from other countries and people but us as a United people in the dance industry we can push to improve our dance industry by supporting each other and working together as one

Q :: If we look at dancers in Uganda 🇺🇬 they are so passionate with their culture and they embrace it. Why do you think it’s very important to use our culture in the dance industry??

A :: It is important to use our culture in dance because it can be a way to paint a picture for other people showing them the importance of culture ..It is also a way that other people could have respect , knowledge and give importance to our traditions and norms


Q :: Rayaaz a member of your family made the headlines in 2018 after winning the 2nd edition of Jibilika battle rival skool. How was the feeling??

A :: We were really excited and overjoyed because he had worked really hard to reach that goal and it was also a great achievement for our crew and city of Gweru.

Q :: You have your own unique dance style what influenced it ??

A :: My dance style was influenced by variety of dance styles mainly hip hop in it self and also was influenced by certain individual dancers like Waydi and Laurent from France .France is a power house in the Hip hop dance scene

Q :: We are now in 2020 and Tik Tok dancers are emerging, is this affecting the schooled dancers and how ??

A ::In my opinion its affecting in some certain way by schooled , professional dancers are not being fully recognised through they talent because everyone is doing Tik-Tok even people who don’t dance professionally or are not schooled

Q :: Most dancers are being paid 2 cents. How can this change ??

A :: It can be changed by giving value to the dance industry

Q :: “ Dancers lets be professional, brand yourselves, be professional”. These are not new words across the industry. Even John Cole repeats it over and over. How and when do you say as a brand that I’m professional??

A :: I think when you base yourself on a certain level of branding and professionalism, taking your dance and teaching to a level were people respect and know your work is professional


Q :: Thank you for sparing time to talk to us today. Lastly, few words to the dance promoters ??

A :: We need more promoters in the game to give dancers a bigger platform to showcase our talents and give our dance industry a major reach for travelling to other countries to compete and learn more about other cultures in dance

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