#SPoTLIGHT _ with Adrian “Dray Virus” Magaisah
by Tafadzwa Gambiza

Dray Virus

Q :: Thank you for sparing time to talk to us today. How does one craft out a name like “Virus”??

A :: The name virus came from the ability to have an effect towards people every time I dance. Just like a virus, through dance I’m able to express art and make people feel a certain way.

Q :: We can’t run away from the fact that our industry needs a boost. What do you think must be done??

A :: I agree to the statement, our art industry needs a boost and I can add that networking is also a huge difference play and is need to put artists out there and get recognized. Creation of opportunities for artists to explore and showcase their talent on local and international platforms with the help of promoters.

Q :: We are still fighting for equality in the industry and across every sector. Seems like there is a season we talk about it then suddenly people keep quiet. How must we maintain the effort until there is fair treatment?

A :: One word, “Consistency”, the more we keep bringing it up and proving it’s worthy in the market and bringing up new content and crafts, it will show it’s value and all.

Q :: Right now the issue of copyrights is more effective than before. How can dancers cope since most of the times you use other artists’ music?

A :: Well nevertheless we try recognizing the artists’ rights to their music and we try to make them realize that we are not against them but we working towards creating more value for their content. Using their music is not going against the copyright code of conduct as long you follow due procedure and hoping that they get that.

Q :: Voltage Crew is more than just a crew and you are always emphasizing the beauty of being united in the industry. What’s your goal?

A :: As Voltage Dance Crew, our goal aligns with our interests which is to create opportunities not just for ourselves but for all those following our path. We also aim to create a different dance art form that will speak volumes of years to come and be respected.

Q :: A member of Voltage Crew won the second edition of Jibilika – Battle Rival Skool and go to the finals in the 3rd edition, which we saw Tanaka winning. How was this for you as a family?

A :: It just goes to show that as a dance crew we also support the fact that we have different strengths as solo dancers and grow as individuals. It was a great thing to happen to the crew having one of our own to represent us in Paris, we count it as one of our achievements.

Q :: International dancers that come to Zimbabwe always emphasize the importance of doing research. Do you think we do enough research?

A :: Yes that’s true, we do our research as dancers so as to gain knowledge not just about our culture but also different cultures in the dance sector and outside dance too. It is valuable information.

Q :: How did the voltage crew come about ?

A :: The name voltage was crafted by the crew leader Rayaaz aka Mushina dancer, which I then joined sometime after it had been on a roll.

Q :: Do dancers in Zimbabwe collaborate on projects or its one dancer for herself or himself??

A :: Zimbabwean dancers do collaborate to some an extent and it’s a great thing to work together, but we need more dancers to connect.

Q :: Now the whole world is on lockdown. Some where saying this is the end for dance in Zimbabwe looking at the crisis we are in right now. Nevertheless we saw much more virtual dance competitions coming up. Why do you think Zimbabwean dancers should partake in such?

A :: As we face this pandemic crisis, we have nothing but time on our hands to build and work on our craft. The only way right now to put that work out there is for us to participate in these online competitions that have been created for us by our Zim promoters, which I am grateful for. We as dancers have to participate in our local online competitions and support them, with that, comes networking and it is very vital plus a bonus which is growing your craft by having to go against dancers all over the country. It’s safe to say we are growing the Zim dance industry slowly.

Q :: Thank you for your time. Any last words to the rest of the industry and the promoters?

A :: Shout out to all dancers and promoters, let’s work together and keep working hand in hand to build something strong.

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