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Q :: Who is Panashe Gabi ?

Panashe is a 23 year old young man Who is greatly vested in dance. A very humble and hard working guy who is open to work with anyone.

Q :: What is dance to you ?

Dance it’s a lot to me. Dance is like everything to me. Dance is who I am. Ever since I was a little kid I always wanted to be a dancer. Dance is life.

Q :: You have been dancing for many years now. Do you think dancers are getting the opportunity they should be getting ?

I think some of the dancers are not getting opportunities especially from my hood. There are a lot of solo dancers and as well as crews. They can not afford to participate in some of the competitions because of lack of funds. Funds to even get their uniforms on point or to move about. Even the registration fee is a challenge so getting to these platforms is a challenge. I hope that these promoters would look beyond that. Chitungwiza is reach with Talent.

Q :: What genre of dance are you in to ?

Well the genre I’m in to for now, to be exact I used to a Krump dancer but now I’m now an all rounder dancehall, hip hop, Afro, housing, Krupp. I think I’m a urban dancer but krump is at heart.

Q :: Besides dancing how else do you make your money ?

Besides Dance I’m also doing a poultry project and well as running small tuck shop and I can say its going well. Also just buying and selling you know how these streets work haha 😂.

Q :: Lets talk about the year 2017 when you made the headlines. You won the first edition of Jibilika Festival Battle Rivalskool . How did You feel ?

I felt great. The feeling was overwhelming I couldn’t believe. I did not realize the magnitude then it hit the papers. Just seeing my face in the news papers it was an awesome feeling. I felt that I have made it.

Q :: When you got to France 🇫🇷. That must have been overwhelming. Looking at the dance scene in France what can we learn as dancers in Zimbabwe ?

Well I learnt a lot. I saw a lot that moved me. As a dancer you should give more time to your dreams give more time to your talent. You might have talent but you have to exercise your talent so you can boost yourself. You also have to research if you are a battle dancer you have to know what goes down. You have to research and know about the music. You have to know technicality and as well as musicality. Also and being humble.

Panashe Gabi in France

Q :: What are some of your achievements ?

Some of my achievements in dance, I have been on big platforms like Miss World Zimbabwe , Miss Tourism Zimbabwe . I have also worked with different artists like Takura Life and Killer T just to name a few.

What gives you inspiration to dance ?

Well I’m greatly inspired by other dancers and my parents inspired me a lot. My parents used to be dancers way back. Way back when my father gets home from work he would take off his suit and gets into rehearsal gear.

Who are some of the people you respect in the Industry right now ?

I respect a lot of people in our industry but one man who stands out for me is Plot Mhako. Not a lot of individual do what he does. He is the only one right now I know who is trying by all means to uplift Zimbabwean dance especially hip hop. Not many stages notify hip hop like what jibilika does. Massive is also someone I look up to. Also I respect Adam Kudzie who always tell things as they are and try by all means to lead me on a good path. Also one man to never forget is Blessing Bboychristyles Bfire , a man who taught me a lot. When I went to France he is the one who I went with and I learnt a lot form him.

Q :: How do you balance work and dance ?

For me it’s not that complicated because everything to me is timed. Dance is first so if there is a rehearsal I am to attend I will attend.

Q :: Any social media handles ?

Facebook it’s Panashe Gabi and as for Instagram it’s Gabi Panashe

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