By: Tafadzwa Gambiza
A lot of people call you Rayaaz Mushina

” My real name is Rayaaz Nanhanga. Rayaaz is from Gweru Zimbabwe aged 25 started dancing at the age of 9 ”

You have your own sophisticated technique. Who was your most influential teacher and why?

” I ddnt really have a teacher but ther are people who have helped me grow and inspired me I’d say Dray one of the guys I grew dancing with has taught me how to be original in whatever you do. ”

Looking at our industry, do you think our industry is on the right track or we are going backwards.

“The industry is on the right track at times it may seem as if we are going backwards but I’d like to think we are moving forward but at a very slow pace.”

Some dancers have been putting up the word exposure. Do we have stages in Zimbabwe that uplift dance from the roots. Are these promoters doing enough ?

“Yes we do have stages that are allowing dancers to do the most and be uplifted,promoters may face challenges in trying to relate on what exactly is required in making it a total success as some of them donot have dance experience or expertise but some are doing their level best which brings motivation and encouragement. ”

Lets about Jibilika Festival BATTLE RIVALSKOOL. How did you feel after winning the second edition in 2018

“I was so overwhelmed and excited after winning rivalskool I had entered the competition not aiming to win but to learn and showcase what I had to when I won it was one of the most amazing moments in my life.”

2019 you made it through to the finals and it was a very tough Battle throughout. It must have been overwhelming with pressure? Did you see any developments from the previous edition in terms of dancers performance

“2019 the pressure was real and yes alot of dancers showed great improvement and growth this was so inspiring to see as dancers brought something fresh and the energy was such amazing ”

Every industry has its own demands. What are some of the demands of being a dancer

“As a dancer some of the demands are discipline,dedication and passion are basic principles and demands that are needed for you to achieve,succeed and grow in the industry ”

Gweru is very reach with talent and culture. Are we fully exploring our abilities

” We are not fully exploring our abilities and reaching full potential in Expressing sharing and exchanging the culture and talent that is there as Bulawayo is the hub of arts in Zimbabwe our stories should also center around that talent and culture.”

Voltage Crew Reloaded. Who is part of this crew and how did it come about

“Voltage dance crew is made up of 3 dancers namely Darrel, Dray and Rayaaz the crew was founded in 2012 by Rayaaz as we represent our city Gweru we entertain perform and compete.”

What are some of your achievements

“Some of my achievements are representing Zimbabwe at the battlerivalskool competition in France and winning the 2019 wakeup session 1vs1 battles 2 categories afro and hip hop.”

Besides dancing how else do you make a leaving

“I am a part time fitness instructor.”

Thank You very much Rayaaz for being on the #SPoTLIGHT today. How can people get in touch with you for collaborations or anything

“You welcome and thank you very much. You can get in touch with me on [email protected] or social media platforms Instagram mushina_dancer and Facebook Rayaaz Mushina ”

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