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[ Good Mood is a track that was produced by CaseBtz, Munya Ding’o Dzwekesu featuring Dough Major. It was dropped on the 4th of July when Ding’o Duke turned another year. Now people are doing #GoodMoodChallenge which is a sign that it’s a track to vibe to. We had a conversation with Munya Ding’o Dzwekesu taking us through the process of the track and how people are receiving. Drop your review in the comment section. Do remember to like ]

Dingo zw

Q :: Where did you draw the inspiration from ?

A :: I already had the melody in my head, so when it was time to compose the track It was an easy step for me .

Q ::Who was part of the track ?

A :: The track was produced by Casebtz and it features Dough Major, one of the aspiring powerful emcees Zimbabwe should look out for.

Q :: Is it part of a project ?

A :: I haven’t, actually decided if its going to stay as a single or add it on a tracklist of a project I have been planning to work on.

Q :: In times like these getting money for studio time is difficult. How did you manage to pull this off ?

A :: Yes to earn studio time Is challenging, but it was fortunate that I was offered a session by Roman Raps Studios, the stable where Dough Major belongs.

Q :: Right now there are restrictions on moving from one place to another. How did you make it happen. ?

A :: We actually recorded the song before the lockdown. That was the good part.

Q :: Right now I can see people are doing the #GoodMoodChallenge. This must be a positive vibe on people. How is it going so far. ?

A :: Honestly I cant complain, people are showing love by accepting the Good Mood challenge and its overwhelming, awesome and I keep receiving more new videos everyday from every part of the country

Q :: Some people might not understand what Shebeen Rap is can you take you us through what exactly it is ?

A :: Well shebeen rap is a sub-genre of Hip Hop that is fused with elements of future bass, 1990’s kwaito, hip-hop and other and it is still being pioneered with a group of artists and producers like Case Btz, Dough Major, DJ Zedaz, Tery Kush just to name a few. The idea is to create a sound that can relate to any type of audiences from our local taverns/shebeens (where it originates) to the world stage

Q :: Some of the lyrics in the song are inspired by our day to day struggles as young people. What do you say about our way of life as of today ?

A :: That is exactly our main mission, to empower and uplift the youth using beats & rhymes. Since we all come from environments with hard conditions especially the townships it is our duty to inform and address issues that affect us on a day to day living so that It would be easy for us to connect with the people.

Q :: Any other project you are working on?

A :: Yes I got a project Im working on with Case Btz, a rapper/producer collaborative joint called “The High Density” a mixtape which hopefully if we manage to finish it will drop during the last quarter of this year.





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