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Noni Cathrine Nyasha Madzinga [ Noni_Dancer ] born on the 20th of August 1993. Her journey began in 2010. Joined her first dance crew in 2013 (fusion X). Her first dance competition was in 2013. She has performed at many stages including Zimbabwes first carnival opening in 2014. Performed at miss tourism 2014. She has worked with many artists like Amara Brown from 2014 to 2015 as a back up dancer. Performed with buffalo and queen vee @HIFA 2015. Performed at Rockford album launch in 2015. Appeared on ALLELUJAH video with EXQ ft Roki in 2015. In 2016 she performed at Miss UZ. Also was part of the Dreamstar from 2016 to 2019.

Cathrine Nyasha Madzinga

Travelled to China with Dreamers art troup from 2017 to 2018.
Noni also worked for Jibilika Dance trust for 7 years from 2012 to 2018 as a facilitator, dance instructor and dancer.
Noni Featured in a Mzanzi Magic production for Zimbabwe’s first dance movie called Love And Dance in 2018. Later on in 2017 she started choreographing.
She has choreographed quite a number of videos like •show your body by Nutty o •My beautiful zimbabwe by Jah prayzah •follow me by jah prayzah ft Patoranking •dangerous by Jah prayzah. Has appeared in a number of videos , hallelujah- EXQ ft Roki•Netone one money tv commercial•follow me •Dangerous •show your body •Kwese.

Cathrine Nyasha Madzinga

She is currently the head choreographer for Jah prayzah studio and military touch movement , dance instructor for STRICTLY FOR GIRLS by Jibilika. Founder of Corner to Corner dance foundation, a program that works with young people in the art of dance and entertainment industry. Teaching experience of 2 years at celebration international school, community dance classes and Shungudzevha children’s home. In 2019 choreographed the Hoko album.

Q :: You are one of the few female Krump dancers. Are there more female Krump dancers. ?

Well I haven’t met any in zim yet … most of the times I would battle Male krumper… but I wish there more female krumpers

Q :: Do you think if BOTY ZIM comes back the more dancers and dance crews will be revived.

I think competition in general is good for the dance industry in zim , I believe dancers will have something to drive them .

Q :: Krump is mainly dominated by male. How did you manage to stood your feet amongst other male dancers ?

Well it was struggle but I was deeply motivated by the challenges I faced,that never stopped it only kept me going .

Q :: Are dance schools doing their best to educate dance students about various dance genres like these.

Well, dance school in zim ???well the one I know does its best , but I feel like we need more dance schools zim…

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  1. Noni is one of the greatest performers .You have great charisma- please keep this , as this will distinguish you from other dancers. You put your heart and soul into the dance . VERY GIFTED

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